Business Whitepaper: VESvault

A Global Internet Pervasive Opportunity

Encryption is un-hackable. If encryption was practical for mainstream use for data-at-rest (stored data), it would transform cyber-security. This issue touches all stored information for every user, every business, and most government agencies everywhere on the Earth: documents, photos, videos, voice messages, audio files, server stored text messages, email messages, digital assets, financial records, medical records, etc. It’s a totally global, Internet pervasive issue and market. In fact, some experts have stated the future viability of the Internet itself hangs in the balance if the growing cyber-security threat it not mitigated. Yet, end-to-end encryption of data-at-rest is very rarely used, and the market remains almost completely untapped. We believe the technologies and services that solve this problem are going to have massive global market reach for all dataat-rest: everything, everywhere, for everyone. VES offers a solution to this problem.